dual script version修改

The Min Dong (cdo) Wikipedia is a dual script version, 'Foochow Romanized' version and 'Chinese characters' version, and therefore need two entries with the same meaning, and therefore link to the same entry for other language side. Please do not delete it. -- Yejianfei (talk)

Hi, the concept of interwiki relations are bidirectional links by design. So having two articles in one wiki about the same topic is not really possible by used data model (e.g. i cannot add multiple cdo sitelink to one article at other wikipedias). So before thinking and implementing a solution i would like to understand why these topics should exists twice on this wiki:
  1. Is the only (wanted) difference the writing system? Or are there further differences between these two articles?
  2. What is the reason why the interface on this wiki only exists in roman letters?
  3. Why is it not possible to use language variants? Language variants can be automatically converted like uz/latn:Olmoniya and uz/cyrl:Olmoniya
  4. Is there already a solution how this is handled by sitelinks of wikidata: items? How are you including data from wikidata item in e.g. infoboxes at unconnected articles?
The sitenotice on this wiki shows how to install fonts. Maybe you should think about installing webfonts for this wiki so that missing fonts are automatically downloaded for visitors.
Merlissimo (talk) 2013 nièng 7 nguŏk 3 hô̤ (B3) 16:40 (UTC)
The Min Dong (cdo) wiki does have double Main Page in different scripts. See Foochow Romanized main page of cdo and Chinese characters main page of cdo. They are only one language in spoken form but has different written forms - Chinese characters forms and Foochow Romanized forms, similar to Malaysian language, which is only one language, but has two different written forms - Malay alphabet (Latin form) and Jawi alphabet. We didn't find a solution in wikidata at present. -- Yejianfei (talk) 2013 nièng 7 nguŏk 3 hô̤ (B3) 17:00 (UTC)