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This template applies custom styling (better typefaces and/or typefaces that support uncommon scripts and/or bigger size text) to scripts (writing systems), identified by their ISO 15924 code. It takes two unnamed parameters: the ISO code, and the text to transform. Currently, the following codes are supported:

  • {{Script|Arab|أبجدية عربية}}‎ → أبجدية عربية‎‎ (uses {{Script/Arabic}})
    • {{Script|fa-Arab|فارسی}}‎ → فارسی (uses {{Script/Nastaliq}})
    • {{Script|ps-Arab|پښتو}}‎ → پښتو (uses {{Script/Nastaliq}})
    • {{Script|ur-Arab|اُردُو}}‎ → اُردُو (uses {{Script/Nastaliq}})
    • {{Script|Aran|اُردُو}}‎ → اُردُو (uses {{Script/Nastaliq}})
  • {{Script|Armi|𐡀𐡁𐡂}}‎ → 模板:Script/Aramaic (uses {{Script/Aramaic}})
  • {{Script|Bali|ᬅᬓ᭄ᬱᬭᬩᬮᬶ}}模板:Script/Bali (uses {{Script/Bali}})
  • {{Script|Bamu|ꚩꚫꛑꚩꚳ ꚳ꛰ꛀꚧꚩꛂ}}模板:Script/Bamum (uses {{Script/Bamum}})
  • {{Script|Brah|𑀓𑀔𑀕𑀖𑀗}}模板:Script/Brahmi (uses {{Script/Brahmi}})
  • {{Script|Bugi|ᨒᨚᨈᨑ}}模板:Script/Lontara (uses {{Script/Lontara}})
  • {{Script|Buhd|ᝊᝓᝑᝒ}}模板:Script/Buhid (uses {{Script/Buhid}})
  • {{Script|Chak|𑄇𑄈𑄉𑄊𑄋}}模板:Script/Chakma (uses {{Script/Chakma}})
  • {{Script|Cham|ꨆꨇꨈꨉꨊ}}模板:Script/Cham (uses {{Script/Cham}})
  • {{Script|Copt|ⲙⲉⲧⲣⲉⲙⲛⲭⲏⲙⲓ}}ⲙⲉⲧⲣⲉⲙⲛⲭⲏⲙⲓ (uses {{Script/Coptic}})
  • {{Script|Cprt|𐠀𐠰𐠦𐠡𐠩}}‎ → 𐠀𐠰𐠦𐠡𐠩
  • {{Script|Cyrs|азъбоукы}}азъбоукы (uses {{Script/Slavonic}})
  • {{Script|Ethi|አማርኛ}}模板:Script/Ethiopic (uses {{Script/Ethiopic}})
  • {{Script|Fraser|ꓛꓬꓹ ꓡꓯꓺ ꓡꓯꓺ}}模板:Script/Lisu (uses {{Script/Lisu}})
  • {{Script|Geok|ⴌⴓⴑⴞⴓⴐⴈ}}模板:Script/Khutsuri (uses {{Script/Khutsuri}})
  • {{Script|Glag|ⰍⰫⰓⰊⰎⰎⰑⰂⰋⰜⰀ}}模板:Script/Glagolitic (uses {{Script/Glagolitic}})
  • {{Script|Grek|ξημερωθήκαμε}}ξημερωθήκαμε (uses {{Script/Greek}})
  • {{Script|Goth|𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺}}𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺 (uses {{Script/Gothic}})
  • {{Script|Hano|ᜥ ᜥᜲ ᜥᜳ ᜥ᜴}}模板:Script/Hanunoo (uses {{Script/Hanunoo}})
  • {{Script|Hebr|אלפבית עברי}}‎ → אלפבית עברי(uses {{Script/Hebrew}})
  • {{Script|Ital|𐌅𐌝𐌕𐌄𐌋𐌉𐌞}}模板:Script/Old Italic (uses {{Script/Old Italic}})
  • {{Script|Java|ꦲꦏ꧀ꦱꦫꦗꦮ}}模板:Script/Java (uses {{Script/Java}})
  • {{Script|Kali|ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤜꤟꤤ꤬}}模板:Script/Kayah Li (uses {{Script/Kayah Li}})
  • {{Script|Khmr|អក្សរខ្មែរ}}អក្សរខ្មែរ (uses {{Script/Khmer}})
  • {{Script|Kore|나랏〮말〯ᄊᆞ미〮}}나랏〮말〯ᄊᆞ미〮 (uses {{Script/Korean}})
  • {{Script|Lana|ᨲᩫ᩠ᩅᨵᨾ᩠ᨾ᩼}}ᨲᩫ᩠ᩅᨵᨾ᩠ᨾ᩼ (uses {{Script/Tai Tham}})
  • {{Script|Latn|Latin}}模板:Script/Classical and Medieval Latin (uses {{Script/Classical and Medieval Latin}})
  • {{Script|Latf|Fraktur blackletter}}Fraktur blackletter
    • {{Script|en-Latf|Textura blackletter}}Textura blackletter
    • {{Script|it-Latf|Rotunda blackletter}}Rotunda blackletter
  • {{Script|Latg|Ᵹaelaċ}}模板:Script/Gaelic (uses {{Script/Gaelic}})
  • {{Script|Limbu|ᤁᤂᤃᤄᤅ}}模板:Script/Limbu (uses {{Script/Limbu}})
  • {{Script|Linb|𐂂 𐃌}}𐂂 𐃌
  • {{Script|Lisu|ꓛꓬꓹ ꓡꓯꓺ ꓡꓯꓺ}}模板:Script/Lisu (uses {{Script/Lisu}})
  • {{Script|Lyci|𐊍𐊒𐊖𐊙𐊗𐊕𐊀}}模板:Script/Lycian (uses {{Script/Lycian}})
  • {{Script|Meithei|ꯃꯤꯇꯩ ꯃꯌꯦꯛ}}模板:Script/Meithei (uses {{Script/Meithei}})
  • {{Script|Mymr|မြန်မာ}}မြန်မာ (uses {{Script/Mymr}})
  • {{Script|Nkoo|ߒߞߏ}}‎ → 模板:Script/Nko (uses {{Script/Nko}})
  • {{Script|Ogam|ᚉᚒᚅᚐ}}模板:Script/Ogam (uses {{Script/Ogam}})
  • {{Script|Orkh|𐱅𐰭𐰼𐰃}}‎ → 𐱅𐰭𐰼𐰃‎‎ (uses {{Script/Orkhon}})
  • {{Script|Osma|𐒋𐒘𐒈𐒑𐒛𐒒𐒕𐒀}}模板:Script/Osmanya (uses {{Script/Osmanya}})
  • {{Script|Phli|𐭮𐭯𐭠𐭧𐭯𐭲}}‎ → 模板:Script/Pahlavi (uses {{Script/Pahlavi}})
  • {{Script|Phnx|𐤒𐤓𐤕 𐤇𐤃𐤔𐤕}}‎ → 𐤒𐤓𐤕 𐤇𐤃𐤔𐤕‎‎ (uses {{Script/Phoenician}})
  • {{Script|Piqd|}}模板:Script/Klingon (uses {{Script/Klingon}})
  • {{Script|Pollard|𖼀𖼁𖼂𖼃𖼄}}模板:Script/Pollard (uses {{Script/Pollard}})
  • {{Script|Prti|𐭎𐭐𐭀𐭃𐭐𐭕𐭉‬}}‎ → 模板:Script/Inscriptional Parthian (uses {{Script/Inscriptional Parthian}})
  • {{Script|Rjng|ꥆꤰ꥓ꤼꤽ ꤽꥍꤺꥏ}}模板:Script/Rejang (uses {{Script/Rejang}})
  • {{Script|Runr|᛬ᚱᚢᚾᚨ᛬}}᛬ᚱᚢᚾᚨ᛬ (uses {{Script/Runic}})
  • {{Script|Samr|ࠀࠁࠂ}}‎ → 模板:Script/Samaritan (uses {{Script/Samaritan}})
  • {{Script|Sidd|𑖭𑖰𑖛𑖽}}模板:Script/Siddham (uses {{Script/Siddham}})
  • {{Script|Sylo|ꠍꠤꠟꠐꠤ ꠘꠣꠉꠞꠤ}}模板:Script/Syloti (uses {{Script/Syloti}})
  • {{Script|Syre|ܐܣܛܪܢܓܠܐ}}ܐܣܛܪܢܓܠܐ(uses {{Script/Strng}})
  • {{Script|Syrj|ܣܪܛܐ}}ܣܪܛܐ(uses {{Script/Serto}})
  • {{Script|Syrn|ܡܕܢܚܝܐ}}ܡܕܢܚܝܐ(uses {{Script/Mdnh}})
  • {{Script|Tagb|ᝦᝤᝪᝨᝯ}}模板:Script/Tagbanwa (uses {{Script/Tagbanwa}})
  • {{Script|Talu|ᦟᦲᧅᦷᦎᦺᦑᦟᦹᧉ}}ᦟᦲᧅᦷᦎᦺᦑᦟᦹᧉ (uses {{Script/New Tai Lue}})
  • {{Script|Tavt|ꪼꪕꪒꪾ}}模板:Script/Tai Viet (uses {{Script/Tai Viet}})
  • {{Script|Tfng|ⵜⵉⴼⵉⵏⴰⵖ}}模板:Script/Tifinagh (uses {{Script/Tifinagh}})
  • {{Script|Tglg|ᜊᜌ᜔ᜊᜌᜒᜈ᜔}}模板:Script/Baybayin (uses {{Script/Baybayin}})
  • {{Script|Ugar|𐎀𐎁𐎂}}𐎀𐎁𐎂
  • {{Script|Vaii|ꕙꔤ}}模板:Script/Vai (uses {{Script/Vai}})
  • {{Script|Xpeo|𐏈 𐏉 𐏊}}𐏈 𐏉 𐏊
  • {{Script|Xsux|𒈗}}𒈗 (uses {{Script/Cuneiform}})
  • {{Script|Yiii|ꆈꌠꁱꂷ}}ꆈꌠꁱꂷ (uses {{Script/Yi}})

See also

  • {{Lang}} for identifying text as belonging to a language and script, etc. (beyond the scope of this template)
  • {{IPA}} to style text for IPA notation
  • {{ISO 15924 script codes and Unicode}} for a list of ISO 15924 codes with their names and other details

Template Data



Marks some text as in a different script according to ISO 15924 script codes


Script code1 script

ISO 15924 script code for the script used

Hang (hangul), Latn (Latin), Hant (traditional Chinese characters)
Text2 text

The text in the script demacrated