(Sĭng hiĕk: thumb|right|200px|Indium '''Indium''' sê siŏh cṳ̄ng gĭng-sṳ̆k, iâ sê siŏh cṳ̄ng huá-hŏk nguòng-só. Nguòng-cṳ̄ sê...)
{{Infobox element
[[File:Indium wetting glass.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Indium]]
|left=[[Gáik (gĭng-sṳ̆k)|Cadimi]]
|image name=Indium.jpg
|appearance=silvery lustrous gray
|atomic mass=114.818
|atomic mass ref=<ref name="IUPAC">[http://www.ciaaw.org/atomic-weights.htm Standard Atomic Weights 2013]. [[Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights]]</ref>
|atomic mass 2=1
|atomic mass comment=
|electron configuration=&#91;[[krypton|Kr]]&#93; 4d<sup>10</sup> 5s<sup>2</sup> 5p<sup>1</sup>
|electrons per shell=2, 8, 18, 18, 3
|density gpcm3nrt=7.31
|density gpcm3mp=7.02
|melting point K=429.7485
|melting point C=156.5985
|melting point F=313.8773
|boiling point K=2345
|boiling point C=2072
|boiling point F=3762
|triple point K=429.7445
|triple point kPa=~1
|triple point ref=<ref>{{cite journal|doi=10.1088/0026-1394/26/4/001|bibcode=1989Metro..26..211M|title=Determination of the Indium Freezing-point and Triple-point Temperatures|year=1989|last1=Mangum|first1=B W|journal=Metrologia|volume=26|issue=4|pages=211}}</ref>
|heat fusion=3.281
|heat vaporization=231.8
|heat capacity=26.74
|vapor pressure 1=1196
|vapor pressure 10=1325
|vapor pressure 100=1485
|vapor pressure 1 k=1690
|vapor pressure 10 k=1962
|vapor pressure 100 k=2340
|vapor pressure comment=
|crystal structure=tetragonal
|oxidation states='''3''', 2, 1, −1, −2, −5<ref>{{cite journal|doi=10.1021/ic951378e|title=Synthesis, Structure, and Bonding of Two Lanthanum Indium Germanides with Novel Structures and Properties|year=1996|last1=Guloy|first1=A. M.|last2=Corbett|first2=J. D.|journal=Inorganic Chemistry|volume=35|issue=9|pages=2616–22}}</ref>
|oxidation states comment=(an [[amphoterism|amphoteric]] oxide)
|number of ionization energies=3
|ionization energy 1=558.3
|ionization energy 2=1820.7
|ionization energy 3=2704
|atomic radius=167
|covalent radius=142±5
|Van der Waals radius=193
|magnetic ordering=[[diamagnetic]]
|magnetic ordering ref=<ref>{{cite book |url=http://web.archive.org/web/20110303222309/http://www-d0.fnal.gov/hardware/cal/lvps_info/engineering/elementmagn.pdf|chapter=Magnetic susceptibility of the elements and inorganic compounds| editor = Lide, D. R. | title = CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics | edition = 86th | location = Boca Raton (FL) | publisher = CRC Press | year = 2005 | isbn = 0-8493-0486-5 }}
|electrical resistivity unit prefix=n
|electrical resistivity at 20=83.7
|thermal conductivity=81.8
|thermal expansion at 25=32.1
|speed of sound rod at 20=1215
|Young's modulus=11
|Mohs hardness=1.2
|Brinell hardness=8.8–10.0
|CAS number=7440-74-6
{{infobox element/isotopes decay | mn=113 | sym=In | na=4.29% | hl=– | dm=([[spontaneous fission|SF]]) | de=<24.281 | pn= | ps= }}
{{infobox element/isotopes decay | mn=115 | sym=In
| na=95.71% | hl=4.41&times;10<sup>14</sup>&nbsp;y
| dm=[[beta emission|β<sup>−</sup>]] | de=0.495 | link1=tin-115 | pn=115 | ps=Sn}}
|isotopes comment=Decay modes in parentheses are predicted, but have not yet been observed
|discovered by=[[Ferdinand Reich]] and [[Hieronymous Theodor Richter]]
|discovery date=1863
|first isolation by=Hieronymous Theodor Richter
|first isolation date=1867
'''Indium''' sê siŏh cṳ̄ng [[gĭng-sṳ̆k]], iâ sê siŏh cṳ̄ng [[huá-hŏk nguòng-só]]. [[Nguòng-cṳ̄ sê̤ṳ-só]] sê 49, huá-hŏk hù-hô̤ sê In.
==Huá-hŏk séng-cék==
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