「Pì (gĭng-sṳ̆k)」調整以後𣍐蜀樣其地方

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{{Infobox element
|left=[[Lī (gĭng-sṳ̆k)|Liti]]
|series=giĕng-tū gĭng-sṳ̆k
|series comment=
|series color=
|appearance=white-gray metallic
|image name=Be-140g.jpg
|image name comment=
|image size=150px
|image name 2=
|image name 2 comment=
|atomic mass=9.0121831
|atomic mass ref=<ref name="IUPAC">[http://www.ciaaw.org/atomic-weights.htm Standard Atomic Weights 2013]. [[Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights]]</ref>
|atomic mass 2=5
|atomic mass comment=
|electron configuration=&#91;[[Helium|He]]&#93; 2s<sup>2</sup>
|electrons per shell=2, 2
|phase comment=
|density gplstp=
|density gpcm3nrt=1.85
|density gpcm3mp=1.690
|melting point K=1560
|melting point C=1287
|melting point F=2349
|boiling point K=2742
|boiling point C=2469
|boiling point F=4476
|triple point K=
|triple point kPa=
|critical point K=5205
|critical point MPa=
|critical point comment=''(extrapolated)''
|heat fusion=12.2
|heat vaporization=292
|heat capacity=16.443
|vapor pressure 1=1462
|vapor pressure 10=1608
|vapor pressure 100=1791
|vapor pressure 1 k=2023
|vapor pressure 10 k=2327
|vapor pressure 100 k=2742
|vapor pressure comment=
|crystal structure=hexagonal close packed
|space group = P6_{3}/mmc
|lattice constants = 228.58pm 228.58pm 358.43pm <ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.periodictable.com/Elements/004/data.html}}</ref>
|oxidation states='''+2''', +1<ref>{{cite web|url=http://bernath.uwaterloo.ca/media/252.pdf|title=Beryllium: Beryllium(I) Hydride compound data|accessdate=2007-12-10|publisher=bernath.uwaterloo.ca}}</ref>
|oxidation states comment=(an [[amphoterism|amphoteric]] oxide)
|number of ionization energies=4
|ionization energy 1=899.5
|ionization energy 2=1757.1
|ionization energy 3=14,848.7
|atomic radius=112
|atomic radius calculated=
|covalent radius=96±3
|Van der Waals radius=153
|magnetic ordering=[[diamagnetism|diamagnetic]]
|electrical resistivity unit prefix=n
|electrical resistivity at 0=
|electrical resistivity at 20=36
|thermal conductivity=200
|thermal conductivity 2=
|thermal diffusivity=
|thermal expansion=
|thermal expansion at 25=11.3
|speed of sound=
|speed of sound rod at r.t.=12,890
|speed of sound rod at r.t. ref=<ref>{{RubberBible92nd|page=14.48}}</ref>
|Young's modulus=287
|Shear modulus=132
|Bulk modulus=130
|Poisson ratio=0.032
|Mohs hardness=5.5
|Vickers hardness=1670
|Brinell hardness=590–1320
|CAS number=7440-41-7
{{infobox element/isotopes decay2 | mn=7 | sym=Be | na=[[trace radioisotope|trace]] | hl=53.12&nbsp;d | dm1=[[electron capture|ε]] | de1=0.862 | link1=lithium-7 | pn1=7 | ps1=Li
| dm2=[[gamma radiation|γ]] | de2=0.477 | pn2= | ps2=– }}
{{Infobox element/isotopes stable | mn=9 | sym=Be | na=100% | n=5 |firstlinks=yes}}
{{infobox element/isotopes decay | mn=10 | sym=Be | na=trace | link=Beryllium-10 | hl=1.36&times;10<sup>6</sup>&nbsp;y | dm=[[beta emission|β<sup>−</sup>]] | de=0.556 | link1=boron-10 | pn=10 | ps=B}}
|predicted by=
|prediction date=
|discovered by=[[Louis Nicolas Vauquelin]]
|discovery date=1797
|first isolation by=[[Friedrich Wöhler]] & [[Antoine Bussy]]
|first isolation date=1828
|history comment label=
|history comment=
'''Pì''' (鈹) sê siŏh cṳ̄ng [[gĭng-sṳ̆k]], iâ sê siŏh cṳ̄ng [[huá-hŏk nguòng-só]]. [[Nguòng-cṳ̄ sê̤ṳ-só]] sê 4, huá-hŏk hù-hô̤ sê Be.
==Chăng-kō̤ cṳ̆-lâiu==