加入於 2013 nièng 3 nguŏk 30 hô̤ (Bái-lĕ̤k)
'''English''': I am born and raised in Fuzhou, and therefore I am a native Fuzhou Dialect speaker. I can also speak Mandarin Chinese and English fluently. I also understand most of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). I am able to type Chinese characters by Wubi IME. Technically, I am a computer programmer, and good at computer programming. My main programming languages are C and C++, also I can write PHP web pages. The main browser I am using is Chrome. I am also interested in mathematics, and able to write mathematical equation in LaTeX. I also write some articles in LaTeX. The operating systems I am using or have been used are DOS, Windows and Linux. I prefer using command-line interface rather than Graphical User Interface, because it is much more convenient to use.