加入於 2013 nièng 3 nguŏk 30 hô̤ (Bái-lĕ̤k)
'''English''': I am from Fuzhou, and I don't think there are anyone in Fuzhou who can really recognize Foochow Romanized. Even if there is some linguistics who understand Foochow Romanized, they cannot write them easily. However, all of us in Fuzhou can write Chinese characters easily. I strongly believe that we must add the Chinese characters version. You see, there are too few people who edit the Min Dong Wikipedia. Why? Because they do '''not''' know Foochow Romanized, most Fuzhouese even cannot recognized the Foochow Romanized "Mìng-dĕ̤ng-ngṳ̄" means and therefore Fuzhouese do '''not''' even know there is Min Dong Wikipedia! Even if they found the Min Dong Wikipedia, as they do '''not''' understand Foochow Romanized, they even cannot find the correct button to edit! As a result, please add Chinese characters!!!!!! We can type by Chinese characters for Min Dong language by '''<big>Wubi IME</big>'''.